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Cox's Bazar
Cox's Bazar is the longest (120 km long) sea beach in the world. Bangladeh is proud of it. Cox's Bazar is a town and one of the district head quarters on the south of Bngldesh. It is a fishing port as well. Touists who come here can experience a wonderful have a wonderful experience of walking along miles of golden sands strewn with conch shells and towering cliffs along with slapping sound of surfing waves along the beautiful coast. The present Cox's Bazar derives her name from the very name of captain Hiram Cox, a naval captain of the then colonizing British East India Company in this subcontinent. Formerly Cox's Bazar was named as Palongkee. It was once also named as Panwoa which means 'yellow flower'. Compassionate Cox was especially mobilized to subjugate the century long conflict among the local Rakhaens and the Arakan refugee intending to settle there.Captain Cos touched by the plights of the people made a significant progress in rehabilitating the Arakan refugees but his premature death stood in the way of smooth complition of the task. Cox's Bazar can be a great attraction for the tourists from home and abroad for the following opportunities to enjoy:
Sun Bathing
  • Shark free water bathing and swimming in warm water.
  • Boating on the sea is really thrilling. 
  • Stand by sea shore offers a unique scope of sun bathing.
  • Th sun rising and setting behind the rippling waves reflecting the rays is simply captivating.
  • Local handmade products by the Rakhyne families can be a good purchase.
  • Himchori, picnic spot some 30 km south of Cox's Bazar has been a great attraction for the tourists to visit.
  • Laboni beach very close to Cox's Bazar is amply liked  by the tourists.
  • Ramu, a Buddhist populated village, is about 16 km from Cox's Bazar is remarkable for handicrafts and homemade cigars.
  • A large Buddhist monastery ,Aggameda Khyang, is a place revered by  lot of Buddhists of this locality. Round timber columns hold the structure of the sanctuary on it. There is an assembly hall with a repository of large and small Buddha images of bronze and there are a number of old manuscripts.
  • Innani Beach is a stony beach and has been very attractive  for its calmness and serenity.
  • Tourists can also visit Maheskhali(268 km from Cox's Bazar), Sonaadia Island(7 km north west of Cox's Bazar) 
  • Route to reach Cox’s Bazar: There is an airport at Cox’s Bazar with an easy travel by air from Dhaka. Road communication is also good.
    • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, an abode of endangered animals is around 50 km from Cox's Bazar town. There abound elephants, Royal Bengal Tigers, crocodiles.bears,chitas and different kinds of birds. 
    •  Hotels to reside: There are a number of hotels of international standard to reside comfortably by prior booking. 
    • Cox's Bazar with the advent of time has become one of the best tourist attractions in south east Asia. Efforts are on to add new innovative up-gradation of facilities for the tourists from home and abroad.  
    • It can doubtlessly be said that Cox's Bazar will put an indelible stamp of sweet recollection in your mind. Have a try!  

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